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This page will list changes to the platform that happen often. It could be anything from a big new feature to bug fixes and interface tweaks.

18th March 2024

  • New global search feature accessible from +P, allowing you to search across the whole system easily
  • Table search - search from the foot of most system tables for quick filtering
  • More consistent table actions via a single-action menu
  • Publisher Integrations: Connect in ad tech such as ad block recovery or CMPs
  • System Integrations: Connect analytics providers and communication tools such as Slack
  • Drag & drop ad stacks: Build incredibly powerful and flexible stacks (ad servers, ad demand, fallbacks) including Prebid and Amazon Publisher Services. Read more here:
  • New "Month" reporting dimension, for a handy month-by-month breakdown of stats

1st February 2024

  • Introduced custom key-value mapping functionality, available through your account manager

31st January 2024

  • You can now set the 1x1 pixel unit to be injected at the top or bottom of the body element

28th November 2023

  • Live performance report now open to all users

6th November 2023

  • Introduced new viewport filtering for tag configs and experiments

14th August 2023

  • New reporting dimension & filter for "Campaign Name"
  • New reporting metrics "Campaign CTR" and "Campaign Clicks"
  • We have changed "Creative size" to a more true-to-life reporting dimension

27th July 2023

  • Added new reporting dimension & filter "Channel"

24th July 2023

  • Introduced "double wildcard" for expanded config URL path matching

19th June 2023

  • New "All" option for "Rows per page" on tables
  • Persistent "Rows per page" selection
  • Fixed header layout to no longer hide elements

18th May 2023

  • Implemented new MCM structure, enforcing a direct and unique link between MCM and platform organisation. This makes MCM manageable from the integrations section and improves the structure of the supply chain object and our sellers.json, while also consolidating our ads.txt requirements
  • UI tweaks to integration selection
  • Fixed reporting bug where selected date ranges shift when saved
  • Tag configs are now enabled by default for inactive publisher tags
  • There is now a handy link to a publishers site on the publishers dashboard

3rd April 2023

  • IAB 1x1 unit moved to new "Pixel" unit
  • IAB units now support multi-size
  • Adhesion, In-Image and In-Article now support size customisation
  • Introduced audience filter to tag configs
  • Introduced tag config scheduling
  • New "Experiments" to pit two or more tag configs against one another
  • All filters now show in the tag config lists as icons for quick reference
  • Tag configs can now be named to help identify them
  • New refined design to tag config fields
  • Refined design for publisher dashboard
  • Improved responsive mobile design
  • Revenue report has become a report builder, to customise fields and filters and save for repeated use
  • Introduced lower level reporting now down to: config id, device, geo, creative size, yield partner, platform
  • Added new health report metrics; "Tag latency" & "CMP not found"
  • Organisation domain is a new and required field for better supply chain handling
  • List searches can follow the first match with the return key (cmd+p to search, return to follow)

10th February 2023

  • Reduced minimum audience character length to 2
  • Fixes for custom branding fields not saving
  • Fixed issue where SaaS reports were not getting imported daily
  • Fixed issue that prevented seller IDs showing as ads.txt requirements

10th January 2023

  • New platform onboarding guide with walkthrough
  • New publisher approval process
  • New publisher go-live task list UI with more detailed steps
  • Performance improvement for publisher stats graph and the performance report page
  • New "Incomplete supply chain" metric in health report
  • Self guided MCM set up for new publishers
  • Fix for 'Single-Serve' units where user were told the target field was required
  • Revamped dashboard, see page impressions on a bigger performance graph and see viewability & CTR's at a glance
  • Better consistency for statuses; colors and title, across all entities
  • Better search matching across all entities
  • Simplified legal help center, explaining our use of (or should we say, non-use of) PII
  • Filter on publisher label in revenue report
  • Fix to ensure integration filters are applied to current org and its children only

31st October 2022

  • Fixed issue causing some SaaS records to be missing from revenue report
  • Added note on setting up SaaS video config inside GAM

19th October 2022

  • Removal of upfront SaaS vs P&P choice (read more in our blog post)
    • Choose your ad server per tag config for super flexible setups
    • New billing options to accommodate mixed setups
  • New integrations section to manage multiple ad server connections under one organisation
    • Ability to drop in your own ad servers ads.txt requirements
    • Target individual ad servers to particular child organisations or publishers
  • Refined user role management via a new interface
  • Overhauled docs site with lots more content! (more to come...)
  • Ability for white labelled platforms to change the "About our ads" link on our ad units
  • Publisher onboarding now correctly skips steps that don't apply to SaaS customers
  • Ability to control invoice information (Tax ID and Country) at any time
  • Ability to easily set dashboard currency independent of billing details
  • Onboarding is now much more streamlined
  • SaaS connections now benefit from deeper API integration to select ad units from a list

16th August 2022

  • Upgraded revenue report
    • Summary footer is back after a previous regression
    • Change the aggregation function used for the footer summary per column
    • Group by any column

1st July 2022

  • Video v2.0 launched in beta
    • Auto-generated content
    • Video uploads and playlist
    • New behaviour to "Stick on load"
    • Ability to mute video by default
    • Media library
  • Revamped revenue report
    • New video metrics
    • Ability to pin columns
    • Reorder, resize and show/hide columns
    • Sort and filter by multiple columns
    • Table preferences are stored across page views
  • URL segmentation moved from publisher settings to audiences
  • Ability to set your own "Key" for audiences
  • New publisher branding and RSS feed fields
  • Tag build status now updated without updating page
  • New "Prefix text" field in certain unit configs (YMAL removed from publisher settings)

4th April 2022

  • Changed how fill is calculated in the revenue report; this now matches Googles calculation of ad responses / ad requests and will no longer exceed 100% when ad refresh is enabled.
  • Pubmatic stats are now correctly stored using monetised impressions rather than total impressions, no longer skewing reporting stats.

29th March 2022

  • User & Organisation that are archived are now hidden from the UI (bug fix)
  • Revenue report will no longer show "-" as unit for some records
  • Interstitial units are now full configs (not a toggle under publisher settings)
  • Introduced shortcuts for search (⌘+p) and creating new (n)
  • New table actions menu for publisher configs
  • Device icons in publisher configs table
  • Onboarding now takes into account child organisations (bug fix)
  • Improved consistency when using the word "Impressions", page vs ad now clearly differentiated
  • New publisher upload option: Bulk upload & duplicate from another publisher
  • Publisher label now correctly used in dashboard stats
  • SaaS billing is now handled per ad unit, taking the greatest value from ad impression vs ad unit impressions for each used ad unit
  • SaaS reporting now uses monthly impression totals to give an accurate eCPM and therefore accurate costings
  • SaaS reporting now breaks reports down to the ad unit level
  • [Regression] Billing terms removed from billing page, these terms are agreed with your account manager up front, please reach out if you would like these resupplied at any point
  • [Regression] Channel partner organisations and referrer users no longer get access to reporting for their target organisation by default, speak to the organisation directly to get access if needed. Invoicing summaries continue as normal.

11th February 2022

  • Upgraded Google sync, this now happens on tag build to ensure that everything is perfectly in place for the latest tag build
  • Tag build status information now shown on hover
  • MCM id field introduced

8th February 2022

  • Dark mode made a lot.. Darker...

28th January 2022

  • New tag build system in place, you will now see the status of this process
  • New organisation tag launched

17th January 2022

  • Introduced "Target Injection" option to inject ads inside and above chosen target

13th January 2022

  • Moved all URL based targeting to URL path targeting for consistency and simplicity
  • Launched v1 Video unit

20th December 2021

  • Added ability to duplicate a tag config

9th December 2021

  • New URL path targeting for tag configs

5th November 2021

  • New device targeting for tag configs
  • New 1x1 IAB unit size option

24th August 2021

  • Big content update to help docs
  • New Content Recommendation unit
  • New dashboard! See insights across your network in one place
  • Health report (combines and replaces drop and ads.txt reports)
  • Yield report has been merged into revenue report
  • New publisher page
    • Guided tour
    • Onboarding checklist
    • Supporting Google MCM
    • New quick integration option (DFP)
  • Ads.txt upgrades to accurately report on requirements

10th June 2021

  • Introduced segment based audiences
  • Bulk matching now available in audience builder
  • Negative term matching made available
  • Live reach counter in audience builder
  • Live term search
  • All charts have been replaced with new design
  • Fixed "Loading chunk failed" errors

9th March 2021

  • Rolled out our OpenWrap partner support opening up additional ad demand

8th March 2021

  • Fixed issue where payments were showing against all "pay parent" organisations

23rd February 2021

  • Released our Audience Builder in limited availability
  • Fixed issue with parent organisation field being uneditable

22rd February 2021

  • Introduced 15 minute browser cache to reflect config changes more quickly

28th January 2021

  • Removed "High Viewability" publisher toggle; this is now a default feature
  • Introduced "Interstitial" publisher toggle
  • Fixed issue where Google Ad Manager sync was incorrectly showing as not connected

11th January 2021

  • Introduced organisation management functionality
  • Introduced user management functionality
  • Introduced "Invoice Parent" toggle
  • Introduced auto-invoicing and billing for referrer and channel partner payments
  • Introduced billing management for user targeted invoices
  • Introduced additional inter-currency payment methods for P&P organisations and users
  • Introduced infinite organisational hierarchy model
  • Billing status is now color coded for visual identification, and shows the last updated date

2nd December 2020

  • Introduced two additional IAB sizes: 125x125 (Button), 320x100 (Large Mobile Banner)

26th November 2020

  • Invoices and payments are now split out in the billing history table
  • Added new logo field for white label to customise favicon
  • General tweaks to white labelled assets to better mirror chosen colors

21st October 2020

  • Introduced our contextual offering in βeta
  • Additional options in publisher settings for enabling:
    • Tag debugging
    • Contextual (βeta)
    • High viewability (βeta)
    • βeta tag
  • Publisher field for fixing CSS conflicts

27th July 2020

  • Launched new Ad Manager integration, allowing for one time authentication for a more streamlined work flow
  • On boarding tasks now link to their relevant sections
  • Users can now cancel their payment details, and recreate at will
  • CSS tweaks can now easily be applied on a per publisher basis, reach out to your account manager who can apply these tweaks for you
  • Fixed issue in Safari where search field and action button would span multiple lines

21th July 2020

  • Fixed issue where "YMAL" field was uneditable

13th July 2020

  • Opened up API reporting access, check it out and give us your feedback!

9th July 2020

  • Introduced branding options for SaaS and white label customer, this includes: primary color & brand logo, both with light and dark theme options
  • Updated legal help centre design; easier to navigate and branded by default using the new branding options

10th June 2020

  • Corrected an issue where CPM and RPM columns were showing the wrong way around
  • Corrected a decimal place issue with billing estimate inside the SaaS impressions report

9th June 2020

  • Upgraded publisher insights graph. We now have the ability to toggle between various presets
  • Added ability to archive a publisher from the publisher settings page
  • Added ability to close the live chat bubble for when it blocks an interface element
  • Added ability for unsupported SaaS payment countries to skip payment set up

8th June 2020

  • Fixed bug in the revenue report for P&P customers where the two impression columns where the wrong way around
  • Fixed bug which caused ad unit impressions to all display the same value for a given day and publisher

4th June 2020

  • Added support for 25 new currencies for P&P customers
  • Added footnotes wherever currency is used to state the currency code, to clarify the currency symbol meaning

3rd June 2020

  • Added live chat bubble to help with any integration issues more efficiently

1st June 2020

  • Official BETA launch. Hello world!