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An introduction to Content Ignite

'Welcome Graphic 'Welcome Graphic

Welcome to the world of Content Ignite!

We are here to help you throughout your experience, from initial sign-up through years of happy collaboration.

Our docs here should provide everything you need to get started and to support you as you become a pro user of our platform, but if you ever do get stuck, help is only ever one click away.

Get to know our products and concepts

Get familiar with our platforms concepts by reading up on them here, or by following the onboarding walkthrough once signed into our platform.

Your questions answered

If you are new to Content Ignite, you probably have a lot of questions about how our tech works, what moving over to Content Ignite looks like, can it really be as simple as a single tag on page?? (Spoiler: yes!).

So jump on over to our Intro to Content Ignite Tech for common getting started FAQ's.

Onboarding, live and earning

Once signed up and signed in, you will see an onboarding banner on your dashboard. This will guide you through every step needed to get live and earning! Here is an overview of the top level steps required:

  1. Signing up
  2. Creating your first publisher
  3. Creating your first tag config
  4. Going live