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Ad Tech

Ad technology integrations are typically publisher level connections, weather it be connecting in your CMP, or utilising an ad block recovery platform, these complimentary technology offerings can boost the features of your ad tech set up.

Sub Types


Consent Management Platforms (CMP's) are a requirement when serving in the EAA and UK, and are even becoming required in some form by other countries and US states. A CMP's job is to collect user consent, and make it readable by ad tech providers like us.

The Content Ignite Fusion platform tracks CMP issues in the health report, as unfortunately, there are many mistakes that can be made during the implementation of a CMP on site, namely script execution order and missing out of the CMP "Stub". The net result of incorrect CMP implementation is a direct loss in revenue.

A CMP is a third party piece of tech that must make it to page, and Content Ignite always recommends you implement this directly in the head of your site wherever possible, however, integrating a CMP through the Fusion platform guarantees a correct set up and peace of mind.

Privacy is at the forefront of everything we do at Content Ignite, and it is our belief that you the publisher should own control of privacy, so we do not provide a "default" CMP set up. We can however advise on various third party CMP's based on our extensive experience and knowledge in this field, simple reach out to your account manager who will be happy to assist you!


There are other ad stack integration sub types such as ad block recovery, all of which follow a similar setup and connection process, follow on for how to connect these to a publisher.

Connection to publishers

Once you've connected an ad tech integration into Fusion, you'll want to make use of it at the publisher level.

As this is currently a beta feature, please reach out to your account manager to activate a publisher integration for you, where it will then show up on your publisher settings page.