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4. Going live

Now that your first publisher and tag config have been created, you can prepare for go-live.

The onboarding checklist on your publisher page is your guide here.

  1. You will need to deploy the publisher tag to your site (tag deployment)
  2. Set up payment (depending on your ad server choices)
  3. Await approval
  4. Deploy any ads.txt requirements
  5. Ensure you have a CMP in place for applicable regions, and that Content Ignite is included as a vendor option.

Once all those pieces are in place and all you see are lovely green ticks, you are ready to go!

Make sure the tag config is enabled by clicking the switch next to it so it is green, and then finally enable the tag by clicking the switch in the "Publisher tag status" box. This will turn on your tag for the first time!

Tag enablement can take a few minutes, and if using our Ad Server, demand can take 15 minutes or so to start coming through, so give it half an hour, enjoy a cup of tea and revel in the stress-free setup of your first publisher.

Notes on CMP's

Consent Management Platforms (CMP's) are a requirement when serving in the EAA and UK, and are even becoming required in some form by other countries and US states. A CMP's job is to collect user consent and make it readable by ad tech providers like us.

The Content Ignite Fusion platform tracks CMP issues in the health report, as unfortunately, there are many mistakes that can be made during the implementation of a CMP on site, namely script execution order and missing out of the CMP "Stub". The net result of incorrect CMP implementation is a direct loss in revenue.

The CMP Stub is some JavaScript code that needs to go in the head of your site. It needs to be directly in the head (between <script>...</script> tags), and not included as a hosted file (<script src="...">). It must be before the Content Ignite Publisher Tag and before the CMP tag. The IAB provides a public stub you can copy from here:

CMP's also need to be TCF2.2 compatible and Google-certified (see the list here:

It pays to get this set up right, as issues here directly impact revenue. Reach out to your AM if you need help, or integrate your CMP through the Fusion platform to have Content Ignite optimally deploy it to page for you.

What's next?

From here, you can repeat the process for any other publishers you have. You can also try out other ad formats that you feel are suited to your site.

Performance needs a good 2-3 week period to settle in. If using our ad server, our ad operations team will be monitoring performance and actively optimising your setup on your behalf.

From here, you can start to explore our other features such as contextual audiences and segments, our video unit or dig into your reporting.

And always remember, help is only ever one click away.