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SaaS vs P&P vs Fully Managed

There are three terms that you might hear being used to refer to our system/offerings. Here we will clear up what those mean, and explain how they all refer to the same platform, but with slightly different settings chosen by you.


SaaS stands for "Software-as-a-Service", and refers to the use of technology at your own control.

Our platform is built around SaaS foundations as everything is manageable centrally from it.

We allow for a full SaaS set up where a publishers own Ad Server is connected in, meaning only our tech is used and not our Ad Demand. In this instance, your account will be charged on a CPM basis for use of that tech.

You can even white label the system by uploading your own branding (logos and color theme).


P&P stands for Plug & Play, and refers to us supplying you with our Ad Demand via our GAM Ad Server. This means you can set up your publisher and put the tag live and start earning money with minimal effort and without needing to worry about ad operations knowledge.

P&P works on a rev-share model, where instead of us charging you direct like SaaS, we take a small share of your earnings before paying out the rest to you each month.

Fully Managed

"Fully Managed" is an extension of P&P, where Content Ignite can manage your account fully. You can still log in and see everything we are doing, but you get to draw on our full teams expertise in Ad Operations.

Bottom Line

Regardless of what option suits you best, you will be logging into the same platform. You have the flexibility to change your set up by yourself at any moment. You can even use SaaS in some geos on some devices and P&P on others... All via your standard tag configs