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API Reporting

Content Ignite provide a fully open API for all core aspects of our Fusion platform, and this includes reporting.

Anything you pull from your revenue report section, you can pull via API for ingestion into your own reporting systems.

API Documentation

Our API docs can be found here:


You personal API key can be found on your account page inside Fusion:

Do not share this token with anyone as it is unique to you and has the same access to Fusion as you do.


While you can build a report and then pull that report all via API, we recommend that you build the report you need inside the Fusion UI fo ease.

Once built, you will see the report ID in the URL. Simply use this with the GET report/:id/data endpoint to pull data daily or as needed.

Reports are only updated once per day from 6am UTC and should generally be complete by 7am UTC.

Reports are reconciled over a 4 day period, meaning data for the past 4 days can change. With this in mind, we recommend you always pull for a 4 day period as minimum, overwriting any previously pulled data.