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Top Tips

Pressing cmd+p (mac) or ctr+p (windows) will launch our global search feature. This is a very powerful and time-saving way to navigate Fusion as you can easily jump into various sections through this one shortcut.

Enter your search term and hit enter to navigate to the top result. Or use your arrow keys to move between results.

Web App

Did you know you can install Fusion as a web app on your device? This could add it to your phones home screen or to the application dock on your desktop. This makes it much easier to keep Fusion to hand, than losing it amongst browser tabs!

Instructions vary by browser, but in Safari, simply select "Add to dock" from the share menu, and in Chrome select "Install Fusion" under the "Save and Share" menu.

Switching organisations

If you have access to multiple organisations, either separately or through a parent/child setup, you can change between them through the organisation switcher at the bottom of the sidebar.

This focuses your view to manage and report on just that entity.