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Integrations unlock various features and monetisation options throughout the Fusion platform.

Connect in your own Ad Server to use our technology on a SaaS basis, or connect in your own Prebid demand partners. You can even connect in CMPs, ad block recovery partners or analytics platforms. However you choose to use Fusion, you can unlock a world of opportunity with integrations.


There are numerous integrations marked as "Built-In", these are default (P&P) integrations provided by Content Ignite, and help you get up and running quickly and easily. If you do want to go down the SaaS route, and would prefer not to use any of Content Ignites conections, you dont have to!

Integrations can only be deleted or re-authorised when logged in under the organisation that created them but will be available down your organisation's hierarchy for use by all (unless filtered).

Organisations down the hierarchy can manage filtering of an integration for their children.


Connecting in a new integration is simple. Select the platform you want to connect to and click "Continue". Some platforms will present you with a form to enter your account details, while others will take you to their platform where you will be asked to confirm the connection. After doing so you will be taken back to our platform where if applicable, you will be presented with a list of accounts to select which get connected in.

From here you can manage your integration, or simply start using it inside your tag configs or other areas of Fusion!