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Organisation Management

You can manage your child organisations through your organisation management section. From here you can control organisation details and user associations.

Speak to your account manager about enabling organisational hierarchy if it is not currently available on your account.


From your organisation management pages, you can:

  1. Set organisation name
  2. Set "Invoice Parent". More details over on the billing page
  3. Set custom branding options
  4. Manage user access

User Roles

Users can be created as needed and given access via access roles (see the User Management help page for more information). To grant a user access to an organisation, you need to assign them a role.

  1. You can do this simply by clicking the + ADD USER button.
  2. In the modal that appears, select your target user from the dropdown list of available users
  3. Scan through the groups and roles available and click to select those that apply
  4. Click Save

An explanation of roles can be found under each role.

Note: Beware. If you remove a user from all your organisations, they will no longer appear in your list of available users and you will need to reach out to us to re-gain access