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Our ad units


In-Image Preview

This unit is one of our most flexible allowing you to target 1 image per post or multiple images, infinite scroll, and the option to go on or under the image (and even target non-images such as standard containers and video units). A high-performance product that produces exceptional results for both advertisers and publishers.


In-Image Preview

Our floating adhesion units sit at the bottom of all your pages, across all devices providing our advertisers with a platform to ensure their ads are viewable, whilst at the same time paying out premium CPM’s. This is a highly engaging performance unit that delivers results.


In-Image Preview

We understand content is king, so our In-Article unit is seamlessly integrated into our publisher's content to enhance the user experience, not detract from it. Providing a highly engaging format, this unit offers a truly native experience for users.

Standard IAB

In-Image Preview

Why not use the power of Native to help monetise your display inventory. We can run our native formats into all standard IAB units and help to either supplement or replace your existing display strategy.


In-Image Preview

Our in-stream video unit allows you to monetise your existing video content, or, using our powerful auto-content system, generate video content automatically using your site's articles, unlocking a completely new revenue stream.


We are always looking to expand our ad portfolio, so rest assured that new developments are always in the pipeline, and when available, will be as simple as a few clicks to roll out!