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Our contextual features use a natural language AI to crawl and process your publisher pages, build an entity list and via our audience builder, push that information into the ad server for targeting. This can be enabled on a per publisher basis by reaching out to your account manager.

This is a powerful feature that does not rely on cookies or user tracking of any form. With most major browsers implementing some form of automatic tracking prevention, this is a solution that produces targetable pools based on your site's content without impacting user privacy.

Note: For contextual page crawling to work, your publisher domain in our system must match the domain the ad request comes from. Only then will your site be processed.


Contextual is priced based on pages crawled. Once we have crawled a page and its data is saved, usage of that data is free for life.

When contextual is enabled for the first time, every page that is visited on your site, will be detected as "un-crawled", and therefore will trigger a new page crawl. This means you will see a high page crawl rate at first, and therefore higher costs. However, this will soon drop down to a much lower crawl rate simply based on any new pages you publish.

Flow and performance

We process pages that our tag is loaded on. This means that the first time someone visits a page, a page crawl is triggered in the background. So the next time someone visits that same page, the data is available for use.

Data Usage

Once we've crawled a page and have its contextual data stored, you can use that data to build audiences and push those audiences into the ad server for advertisers to buy on. All without additional charge!

See our Audiences & Segments page for more information on how you can use your contextual data.