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Health Report

The health report is a network-wide view of your publishers. It includes any significant impressions drop-offs and any ads.txt issues that would be affecting revenue.


The tiles at the top of the page give you insights into metrics that can not be directly influenced. Such as users denying consent via your CMP. However these are useful to determine if something you or a user are seeing is localised or widespread.

Drop-off Issue

A drop-off issue means a publisher's impressions have dropped off by 75% or more over the past 24-hour period.

If unexpected, this could hint that tags have been removed, or there is a configuration issue. Something worth looking into!

Ads.txt Issue

A missing Ads.txt entry can have big consequences on ad serving and therefore revenue. So you should always be looking for zero reported ads.txt issues in this report, and to chase anything that is highlighted!

Incomplete supply chain

This refers to a specific missing line in your ads.txt. All missing ads.txt lines will have an impact on ad serving and therefore revenue, but this line will have an increasingly negative impact. These lines normally contain sid- in the middle of them.

Ensure your ads.txt is up-to-date to resolve these issues.

CMP Not Found

If we can not detect a CMP in a GDPR or CCPA region, we will default to non-personalised ads which have a much lower CPM. Ensure you have the CMP "Stub" in place, in the head of your page (not served via a tag manager). Any queries just reach out to your account manager who look into any potential issues for you.

Tag Latency

Tag latency is the time it take your site to load our tag to page. In advertising it is key to load ads as quickly as possible, before the user scrolls past the unit target, or even navigates away to another page.

The best way to deploy our tag is to have it directly in the head of your site. Any other method such as using a tag manager or serving via an ad server will add upfront latency, directly impacting your earnings.